The NFT and Metaverse are one-of-a-kind technology that have besieged the crypto space recently churning out untold liquidity. One can easily say that the time is still ripe and not yet late, yes with the continued opportunities offered by the projects x-rayed here makes this space even more interesting and lucrative. Continue to read to find out these mind-blowing opportunities you are about to uncover and don’t sleep on them for any reason. actually is a game changer to the world of NFTs being the premier project that introduced the concept of Liquid Yield NFTs. This implies the allowance of yield farming and the part proceeds of the minting exercise airdropped to holders in $ETH as profit on a monthly basis. Also holding an already minted NFT qualifies one for future minting NFT drop. So, it is not all over after minting; there is a revolving opportunity to earn far beyond each minting exercise. The first minting comes around in May 2022 which is in a few days from now. The choice is yours. Get involved with this project through their online presence:


The Legendao is a rare blend of facets of projects inclusive of NFT and DAO. This allows the collection of NFTs to earn staking rewards. Although, the first NFT minting has already happened with a bang, we await a second opportunity on the 4th and 5th of May 2022 by 12 UTC for white listed and public sales respectively with high expectations. Lengendao has various cadre of NFT with minimal minting supply. This project majorly focused on the Cosmos ecosystem with the sales of NFT done using $SCRT. Lengendao is about to launch its native token the $LGND with some form of airdrop to SECRET stakers (primarily) and then $ATOM and $LUNA holders. Legendao will also allow and bring forth prospective NFT projects to its platform in the future. Join Legendao now!

Orbital apes

There will be only 10000 3D orbital apes NFT in circulation coming to EVMOS, one of the Cosmos multichain. Consisting of over 200 attributes and 4 unique generations, the orbital apes project allows reward earning and playing of exclusive games besides the NFT benefits. This is made possible by an NFT based idle play-to-earn game based on the lore of orbital apes. It is a new and latest dimension in the NFT ape world. Plans are way ahead to setup EVMOS validator through a part of the minting fee which 50% of the proceeds will be shared amongst orbital apes’ holders. Orbital ape holders will also be able to claim a portion of all orbit’s ape marketplace fees. What a customer profit inclusive platform! Get more info on these links.

Apes planets

Apes’ planet is built on Solana blockchain. It is a play to earn NFT fighting game with 7777 civilized ape warriors created with over 1000 traits fight. These apes fight each other in order to become an ape legend. They are all groomed to enter the arena and fight with the needed weaponry, strategy and style of attack all in a bid to win and emerge as the champion. Apes’ planet is featured round an NFT market place, fighting arena, game collectibles and metaverse. Check these links for further details.


Mantlemonkeys got some really fundamental features that speak volume just like the rest mentioned earlier in this discuss. Every holder will receive a free NFT of the next collection and be a part of the Monkeydao that is forth coming. With only 7777 mint supply coupled with over 120 unique attributes, Mantlemonkeys has a unique PFP and the first mover on the Assetmantle NFT platform. More so, holders will receive 30% of the mantle drop. See more on these links.

The world of NFT and Metaverse is just getting started. You cannot afford to be left out. Get involved and be part of the pioneer investors needed in this space. Join he time is now!

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