Many years ago, Africa was coveted by many due to her abundant natural and human resources. This was the major reason for the quest to explore and conquer her via slave trade and exploitation of her resources. Coupled with poor leadership, Africa bleed for years economical as stunted development became her lot. No doubt, Africa also became the proverbial cash cow that is milked at will. She provides the natural resources at a meager cost only to pay and get back the same as refined finished product several times over in price value. This has been the easy path of Africa hitherto the rebirth of the Black Wall Street ably driven by Charles N. Lambert to bring a lasting positive change.

The new Black Wall Street (BWS) is an embodiment of financial freedom, a message of hope, an empowerment tool, a rare investment opportunity, a quest for economic recovery and the democracy of the African economy. It is an already working movement positioned to enrich Africa by steering the rudder of the African economy, stopping the wanton invasion of the African wealth and reversing it back to the benefits of Africans. This is done by planting and nurturing investment seeds which is being harvested gradually in almost every area of human endeavor to which the credence of the provision of the 28 different human apps needs, the upcoming 1.2 million super markets across Africa to which one can get a franchise, 28 Television stations, amongst others juicy investment options have been conspicuously recorded in a short time. One of the major messages of Black Wall Street is simply saying that it is dangerous to put 100% dependency of one’s basic needs in the hands of foreigners.

How can one be part of the Black Wall Street opportunity?

The window of Black Wall Street is still open through one of the investments opportunity known as UPAP – Universal Poverty Alleviation Program. You need to get registered through a link provided thus: REGISTER HERE. Immediately after the registration, you need to make a purchase of “NO DROP OUT” branded computer tablets through the BWS e-commerce point based purchase website: REDIRECTMALL. Currently one slot of UPAP goes for $750, which is bought back within one year at the value of $30000. Your investment is needed at this time when the company needs to roll out their entire investment plan. This buy back structure plan is done in the spirit of compassionate capitalism. Don’t worry, the company must have made far more that what you are getting at the point of payout becomes infinitesimal. Your purchase must be commensurate via points to the number of UPAP slots needed to be purchased. This is done by signing up with the redirect mall link specified above, make the order, supply the information for shipment and make payment through any of the payment facilitators scattered around Africa or with any payment card. You will be informed instantly if you pay through any of the card payment processors or payment facilitators the moment the payment is completed. The shipment of product takes at least 2 weeks to get to the required destination. As at the time of this write-up, about 18000 units out of the limited 20000 units of UPAP have been sold out. This mean we have just some few left. Do well to send further enquiry to You need to hurry while offer lasts. Don’t miss this life time opportunity!

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