PGI is an acronym for Praetorian Group International. It is the first of its kind in the crypto currency space; a crypto currency management company, crypto based Fintech that is affiliated to other lucrative niche like the health and wellness sector. PGI is very strict and meticulous when it comes to the management and safety of members’ capital.

The PGI team

Praetorian Group International (PGI) is ably led by the CEO and founder, RV Palafox; a Philippine-US trained Multi Level Marketing guru that have had real hand on experience with some successful global companies before choosing the crypto currency niche some four years ago. Worthy to note is that PGI has one of the block chain industry best hands in the person of Mr. Troy White (He has one of the highest certification in block chain industry) amidst other highly reliable PGI crew members. PGI looks forward to making interested PGI members get certified on block chain education. This certification is backed by blockkit and will definitely create another stream of income for its holder.

PGI is not by any means a financial adviser. It is for your own interest to do your due diligence before joining and becoming part of PGI. The transparency and honesty with which PGI is built and managed is next to none.  This is one of the strengths of PGI.

What PGI does

PGI is primarily involved in the provision of block chain education, crypto community trading, ecommerce, health and wellness products, crypto ATM machine, crypto management, crypto terminal, crypto POS, etc. PGI has the vision to have a corporate headquarter in Philippine and branches in London, Singapore and US to globally position to serve her global teeming customers and members.

The PGI Products get to the consumers domain via a MLM arrangement that has a good compensation for all direct sellers and participants.

Why choose PGI?

PGI is in a unique space with little or no competition for the market for now. With its varieties of attracting products and services, the market no doubt will jolt for PGI products and services; more so, when PGI management team has one of the best seasoned hands that the industry has to offer in the block chain education niche. Already, PGI ATM machines are deplored in over 25 countries and more is still counting. Fund deposit and withdrawal is via bitcoin or through the Praetorian cards for holders. These erode all form of bottle necks in payment transaction.

Again, the bitcoin halving which is a major event in the bitcoin space is around the corner and will occur in some month’s time from now. The last bitcoin halving occurred about four years ago. The crypto space cannot but be bullish in the nearest future because of this impending event. It is one of the best times to take position in the crypto space. Besides, the altcoin season is here with us. It is a crypto boom time and you have just got to jump in into this rare opportunity that has the gate open for now before the bull comes fully. JOIN NOW!

The PGI also has a passive earning limit of 200% with a daily earning range of 0.5% to 3%, after which a renewal of package is needed for continued earning. The health and wellness products can be sold through members’ back office with some real incentive bonuses to go with. These various products other than the crypto and crypto Fintech that PGI got to offer (health and wellness product together with Forex in the making) gives PGI a divesting edge over several MLM that is locked on a lone unitary product or service. So, in eventuality of crypto bearish period, the company will still be afloat by reason of its diversity in different niches at a time. What a display of business wisdom!

How to be part of the PGI program

It is simple and straight! Get a referral link from an existing PGI member as your sponsor and register with your details. The PGI platform supports complete KYC/AML global compliance. You need to go a step further by activating a package from the varieties of Sapphire package ( $100, $300 and $500), Ruby package ( $1000, $5000, $10000), Emerald package ( $20000, $50000, $100000) and diamond package ($500000 and without limits). You are also allowed to have only one account with the choice of multiple packages if you want. The PGI platform is well punctuated with referral compensation that is mind blowing. REGISTER HERE to get all the details from your back office and zoom meeting held on a daily basis irrespective of your time zone. Don’t miss the PGI opportunity!

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