Cash Forex – a fintech company that provides opportunity

Cashfx is a fintech company that provides opportunity with a unique branding in the Forex space that emerged middle of 2019 with her headquarters in Panama. The tripartite approach of trading, the involvement of AI & robotics and the referral undertone this program offers distinguishes it from other Forex programs. Cashfx is in a class of its own as many participants are still basking in the euphoria of this exciting packages it offers.

Many who left the Forex space because of their awry experiences need to really have a re-think since CashFx has changed the narratives in the Forex space. A lot is already going for Cashfx owning that lots of profits have been made so far from the system by investors.

How does it work?

It simply works like a prototype cooperative society where resources of the group are gathered, utilized and managed for the common good of members. In like manner, the funds of members are pooled together and used for trading with the aid of expert using artificial intelligence. Every member then stands the chance of leveraging from this union as trading risk is maximally reduced and gains is highly assured with a reasonably margin.

The gains of trading is shared and paid out to members commensurately on a weekly basis. The trading duration ranges from Monday to Friday and payments are made every Saturday within the hours of 17.00GMT and 19.00 GMT. Except on rare occasion like the Christmas break, they hardly have a down time on trading activities.

These investment packages also run in an investment cycles which end after the investment and the expected gain is reached. Renewal is expected at this point or upgrade to the higher package before the expiration of the existing investment package. The difference between the existing package and the next package is paid to migrate to the next package in the investment cadre for various upgrades.

Withdrawal can be initiated when the total payout on the investors back office is up to $100 or above. Each withdrawal attracts a commission of 20% from the withdrawal amount. This money is meant to manage the system to ensure continuity. Funding investment packages and withdrawal of payout is via bitcoin. The investment package ranges from $300 to $100k.

How long will it take to recoup investor capital plus the gain expected?

This depends on the general outlook on the gain made on the weekly trading. The more the gains, the earlier the ROI is achieved and receipt of profit expected. However, it takes about 16 weeks or a little more to recover the investment made plus the gains before the end of the investment cycle.

You can REGISTER HERE and get more information at the back office.

Do well to be at the Cashfx business retreat that will be coming up in Punta Cana Dominican Republic by 14th March 2020 with over 5000 members expected to be in attendance and also in London by August 2020. Your activities in Cashfx business will sure be a measuring tool to your invitation and attendance.

With Cashfx, your Forex experience can only get better!

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