Today, not many will believe that the block chain technology that came as idea over a decade ago through bitcoin has now  over 55,000 computers running as full nodes in over 96 countries of the world. Many will call it a sheer feat of determination and continuity in a very hostile business environment, but I call it a right step in the right direction; a vision that could only be achieved with the right mission.

Also in February 2018, Telegram launched a private ICO raising $850 million from 81 investors and later in the month held a second private sale from 94 investors, raising a total of $1.7 billion in March between the two sales. Telegram also stated in their SEC filing that they may also be pursuing subsequent offerings beyond these first two sales which could potentially break the $2 billion mark for this ICO. This is another far way stride in the face of unfriendly regulations in the crypto space.

Although Igniter100 (Fintech and Nascent technology) is not an ICO like Telegram (Social Messaging Media) but is similar to it by way of private investment collaboration. The Igniter100 project is more than a crypto project and the Igniter100 management is currently running a PIEO (Private Initial Equity Offering) using the Solmax marketing platform and issuing a certificate backed up by ETs (Equity Tokens). The Solmax marketing platform makes the window wider for interested individuals and corporation to participate at this stage. JOIN HERE

However, it is needless to begin a comparison of both product/service considering their various disparity and peculiarity, however, it is pertinent to say at this point that both have their significant role to play in the economic space as they sure control demand for their various services irrespective of their individual traction at the moment.

More so The Igniter100 opportunity just got a lot more interesting with the recent adjustment and improvement of Fintechemy otherwise known as Igniter Academy packages that comes with more exciting and result oriented ROI. A private Initial Equity Offering that comes with a dividend on daily working days basis is just a one of its kind. Not to think of what it has to offer to investors when it goes publicly and officially to the exchange by the first quarter of 2021.

The various Igniter academy packages come with a commensurate dividend payout on a daily working days basis ranging from the £100 pack to the £5000 package as illustrated in the picture below

Igniter100 opportunity can only get better, don’t be left out!

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