Many who doubted and raised several red flags against Igniter100 when she started her journey in 2017 must be somewhere now eating their words amidst regrets as most of their expectations and predictions are gradually coming to naught. On the contrary, Igniter100 is only gaining momentum with positive stride to success as she gets from one milestone to another.

Today, Igniter100 is just one step from floating her shares to the public coffers by the commencement of share certificate issuance to her early shareholders who patronized her fintechemy packages otherwise known as Igniter academy. Many, if not all blue chip companies in the public confine making waves today went through this process in one form or the other. In the case of Igniter100, it is more pronounced and open to the public earlier enough. Besides, this act is another milestone to cement the evidence of shareholders’ stake in Igniter100 Company. This is indeed a big boost to Igniter100 public image as the shareholders morale and confidence is on the high side besides other tangible indices that could be easily reckoned with.

What is the requirement to get the Igniter100 certificates?

The requirement are straight and simply. For one to be eligible for Igniter100 share certificates, he must have an activated account of at least £100 value of fintechemy package on the Solmax marketing platform of Igniter100. Secondly, he must have done his KYC verification with Onfido; a third party KYC verification company that handles Igniter100 shareholders KYC verification. Once verified, you can now proceed to apply for your Igniter100 Ets share certificate.

What is the procedure of getting the igniter100 certificates?

The Igniter share certificates are made possible through the Solmax marketing platform of Igniter100. Igniter100 members must apply for the certificates before they can be issued and this can be done electronically through the Solmax back office. Sign in to your Solmax back office and navigate to ”MY PORTFOLIO” then select the “ETs certificate“ button and click on “Apply ETs certificate” to proceed. This certificate is printable from the Solmax Igniter100 marketing platform when issued.

Are there any security features on Igniter100 shares certificate?

Sure, the Igniter100 share certificates comes with some security features which makes it valid, unique and cannot be duplicated or manipulated by scammers. It comes with a security mark and hash total. Multiple certificates will be issued to multiple account holders to account for every Ets and ensure that no stone is left unturned.
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