Igniter100 is a company registered in London. Its unique area of business is funding of nascent innovations in technology. This is seen in the involvement mostly the Fintech and disruptive technology within the crypto space and blockchain technology. As is the trend with CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE who has the sharp nose for juicy lucrative crypto based opportunities and investment has earlier noticed and reviewed Igniter100.

As we speak Igniter100 have over 60 external companies co-owned and funded by them plus over 15 internal companies they operate as well which includes Yourent, Aladinnetwork, Igniterpay, Bizpad, etc. Expectedly, the profits these companies make are shared with igniter100. The Igniter100 target is to own over 100 firm of large magnitude, in case any one of these companies goes viral and successful which some had already done, we the partners then benefit and enjoy the profit.

Some few lists of businesses out there that are sponsored by Ignital100 are: fingopay, Baabs bank, Quered, Glint, etc. As a registered member you can see all these companies in your back office and do your due diligence to investigate them. To be candid, you will find out that the technology, innovation and expertise behind some of these is mind blowing. Good enough Igniter100 will be quoted in London stock exchange by first quarter of 2021.

Solmax is the marketing arm of the company and is newly introduced to get global participation through Multilevel Marketing. Hence, Solmax has a beautiful reward system. The compensation plan is fantastic and next to none. Solmax sells packages to investors who become a share holder (equity tokens) in Igniter100. Simply you co-own all the projects they are sponsoring and theirs too. You can REGISTER HERE OR SIGN UP HERE.

Besides the packages you will invest in to be part of these company, you need about £6 for identity verification or KYC which is contracted to a third party company to handle. In most of the online MLM companies, this cost is discretely built in to the package but in the case of Igniter100, it is distinctly separated. This explanation is necessary to remove any form of doubt or confusion that may arise because of the identification verification fee. You invest via your credit and debit card and you can also withdraw from the system via your bank account or bitcoin wallet.

You earn in pounds paid directly to you and as well as shares as you invest or/and build a strong team in Igniter100. Registration is free after which you are expected to buy your packages ranging from basic, starter, executive, professional, premium, elite, supreme, to max packages. Nothing can be more beautiful and rewarding as this. 51% of all the shares belong to igniter100 while 49% belongs to members through Solmax. The question is how many of the share units will you own at the end the day? You alone can answer this question.

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