Innovation and thinking out of the box remains the panacea to surmount any barrier in the face of economic challenges like the one that besought the crypto space after the crazy bull run of the 2017. Many have looked away from crypto investment ever since except for few crypto projects that still proved otherwise. Aladdinnetwork happens to fall within this privileged category.

Aladdinnetwork earlier known as MCM crypto project is a unique offshoot of one of IGNITER100 project bundle with a unique crowd funding approach. Ably led by Adil Abass and a host of serial entrepreneurial magnets from IGNITER100 and the Fintech world, the Aladinnetwork is a sure bet with the vision of decentralizing Internet apps and financially rewarding related businesses and the members of Aladinnetwork crypto community.

Using a new protocol, Aladinnetwork confronts headlong the flaws in the existence blockchain that have prevented Blockchain to realize its full potential. This is achieved by creating an enabling environment that assembles developers to develop innovative varieties of Internet related dapps and their market place for easier access and usage. No doubt, Aladinnetwork is a community centered and developers rewarding network. Going forward, there is need to highlight some of the peculiar features and approaches that made this possible.

Unique features of Aladinnetwork to look out for

The conception and actualization of the Aladinnetwork could not be possible without having the crypto developers cum community at heart since these features are pro developer and community oriented; Aladinnetwork clearly shares a common frontier with the premier bitcoin blockchain in this regard.

Remarkably, the in-built Oracle database and the human readable addresses necessitated by the Aladinnetwork is a glaring feature that made Aladinnetwork stand out from other crypto blockchain project. This is further boosted by the “no transaction fees” policy for building app on Aladinnetwork. Besides, there is also the provision of robust tool kit for easy deployment of dapps together with a readily available Dapps store for marketing developers work. Developers and community stakeholders alike are beneficiaries of the outputs at the long run.

Aladinnetwork is poised to harness resources, cultivate and harvest one of the largest collections of useful decentralized dapps ever. The world of full decentralization ranging from a decentralized internet browser app to the top sophisticated apps looks more realistic with the emergence of Aladdinnetwork.

How to participate in Aladinnetwork crowd funding

The crowd funding means of participation on the Aladinnetwork could be accessed through the Igniter100 & Solmax marketing platform or through one of the crowdfunding platform as provided here: ALADINNETWORK CROWD FUNDING  and IGNITER100 & SOLMAX PLATFORM. To be part of this one time opportunity offer, navigate through the sites and peruse to do the needful.

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