The diversification of some fiat portfolio based company into funding crypto related project has been on the rise as blockchain technology continues to gain acceptance. This has brought so much encouragement to crypto related projects and has created a sigh of relief especially for viable and disruptive start-up in dire need of fund to meet up with their projects. More so, when the ICO bubble has final burst and is gradually becoming a difficult means of project fund raising for crypto and blockchain related projects. One of such companies that have made indelible mark on the crypto space especially in supporting SAAS start-ups ventures is the UK based IGNITER100. Indeed IGNITER100 did not escape the attention of  CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE


IGNITER100 acts as a fund provider to startup companies mostly in disruptive FinTech and an offsite incubator environment through which promising FinTech startups can find the resources and tools needed to thrive. IGNITER100 otherwise known as UK’s technological incubator has SOLMAX as the marketing partner to make it happen for the IGNITER100 brand. IGNITER100 is a Venture Capitalist Company that is already backed up by 60 external and 15 internal profit yielding companies and businesses which she has invested in with the hope of more and future investment in areas of interest. IGNITER100 also have a company equity holding and a financial education wing.


Apart from supporting crypto related company and giving succor to start-up projects, some of these companies have started making profit with some of them having a high rate of point of sales for some time now. Currently IGNITER100 has launched an MLM program for expansion, further raise fund and bringing the awareness of her IPO sales to the public. IGNITER100 will be listed in the London Stocks Exchange by the first quarter of 2019. No wonder investors globally are gradually taking position before it goes viral. You can as well have a periodical target projection plan of 100 days, 200 days or 300 days as the case may be to run the IGNITER100 business model.

Again, the IGNITER100 offers a platform of business investment that is leveraging on the expertise of already working business models. This acts as an investment pitfall proof to investors hard earned money. The inexperience and lack of expertise that is associated with high risk investment in these niches are reduced to their barest minimum. One is almost sure that his hard earned money coupled with the various options of spreading investment choices glued together cannot but bring only dividend as continuous residual income. More so, the IGNITER100 gives room for retail investment.


It is the package through which IGNITER100 is presented and sold to a ready investor. This business model comes in basic, starter, executive, professional, premium, elite, supreme, and max packages with the aim to pay dividend monthly based on the profit made per ETs shares. The share unit of the IGNITER100 is known as ETs (Equity tokens). Equity Tokens (ETs) are IGNITER100 traditional stock asset with a current price tag of 14 pence. It also has the potentials of growing astronomically. ETs represent ownership of some third-party asset or venture and take their value from the property’s rate of success. Originally, IGNITER100 has the equity holding of 1 billion ETS in existence to be listed in the first quarter of 2019 in London Stocks Exchange. You can use any of these links for registration or to join:  REGISTER HERE or SIGNUP

IGNITER100 major internal project attentions are currently focused on PRACTICE PA, YEAHSOL, KRYPTOCHANGE, YOURENT, CRYPTOSHOP, and VIDEOBOX besides the externally involved projects. Further likely endeavors on crypto related projects are IGNITERPAY, IGNITER INDEX, IGNITER MTF, DLT INSURANCE, DLT ESCROW PAYMENT, DLT AUCTION, DLT LOTTERY, and MCM. You cannot afford to miss this opportunity. Hurry now while offer last. For further details on this please contact us on:

Website: http://cryptoairdropbounty.com/

Email: uchensofor2009@gmail.com

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