The upbeat of blockchain technology continues to increase in innovation and penetrating further to other industry with mastery of service delivery next to none. When docademics made her debut with her MTC tokens earlier this year, they were barely known or given the deserved attention their project demands.  Like many newcomers to the blockchain who had to wade through the murky waters of uncertainty and unlikely acceptance, they went unnoticed  but not from the discerning preview of CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE. Now they have gained ground  and are now gradually stamping their feet for mass adoption.

Docademic is an international medical platform in which people with smart phones can meet with a doctor through their phone’s camera and receive medical advice. The platform stores its data on a blockchain and requires the MTC token to retrieve data from the blockchain.

By dint of hard work and the perseverance of a committed and focused team, today, docademics now have paying clients that are utilizing their medical data that is collected from the thousands of free consultations and services/tools they offer to patients and doctors. These clients must use MTC tokens the only acceptable native token of the docademics platform to access these data. Some of the clients include: Carnot, Armstrong, Abbot, Liomont, State Government of Hidalgo, Mexico, and others.

Besides, the prospect and policies of this project is continuously endearing them to various new strategic opportunities and partnership in the cases of:

  1. Santander Bank: This partnership will offer and promote the docademic services, with premium offerings, to its more than 7 million card holders.
  2. Televisa: They have also closed a deal with Televisa, the biggest Spanish speaking media company in the world. This is aimed to create a wide awareness campaign for docademics in Latin America.
  3. DOC.COM: Acquisition and deploy of a 3 lettered DOC.COM domain to increases the authority and credibility in the medical field throughout the world and guarantees thousands of new users for the platform.
  4. Currently in talks with the FDA, the most influential drug regulatory entity in the world and the intentions of commencement of work in the US.
  5. Docademics has launched a free psychological service to users in Latin America known as “Cool Emotions” and the app can be found on the Google Play Store, with Apple App store coming soon. This is the first service of its kind in the world, and it’s intended to help and save many lives.
  6. New partnerships on LIFE Blockchain; the first of several crypto economies on the blockchain will be a utility token based on a loyalty program for students
  7. Veterinary service to be launched in US soon.

Again, Docademics management has over time gained a strong media coverage and exposure in the manner of featuring in Forbes Mexico EDITION, “New in the street” a national television show airing in US, regular effective presence in blockchain summits featuring experts, and also working with sparkchain one of the most experienced PR agencies in the blockchain industry.

Since 2016, started in Mexico, Docademic is currently offering his services in more than 20 countries : Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Currently, with  less than ten thousand holders, 86 million MTC token sold, 115 million burnt and the remaining 114 million to be distributed over 24 month period as airdrop to the investors ONLY, it is certain that the tokens would not be found in any weak hands that will dump at the least opportunity. So join the moving train now and make your purchase to be entitled for the monthly airdrop for over 19 months period left.

Docademics MTC tokens is already listed and trading on SISTEMKOIN, LATOKEN, TOPBTC, SECONDBTC COINALL AND KUCOIN and you can follow up this project through the various social media channels and online presence:








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