PAYTOMAT is acronym for crypto payment automation. It is a payment system that enables local stores and online merchants to accept payments in crypto without banking systems, cards or centralized electronic payment solutions. It also comes with the following features: API for merchants, Standalone mobile POS, Wallet for customers and Merchant’s web control panel. CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE i the course of her  preview was indeed impressed in the innovation behind the PAYTOMAT project.

Paytomat connects all participants in transparent and reliable system and serves as a one-stop hub for seamless interaction between the blockchain ecosystem and the real world. Presently the native token of Paytomat which is PTI tokens built on wave platform will be used for the sales and later be exchnage for the PTM coins when the PTM blockchain is ready. The primary goal of Paytomat is increasing the penetration of cryptos as payment instruments. This is achieved by providing a reliable and feature-rich solution for accepting cryptos and paying with them. Better still, PAYTOMAT crypto payment solutions integrate with the already existing equipment on Merchant system and there is no need for outright procurement of new equipment if they are using any of these brand equipment like: POSTER, PROFIT SOLUTION, LIKO, INGENICO GROUP, SERVIO. THERE IS ALSO A POSSIBILITY OF TRANFERING CRYPTO OFFLINE VIA SMS

One of the ways of benefiting from the numerous benefits inherent in Paytomat by setting up new POS providers and merchants or by building up a payment gateway through the decentralized franchise enshrined in Paytomat. Hence, each individual entrepreneur or company can represent themselves as a distributor and establish Paytomat in their country. Such franchising entity stands to have up to 0.2% basic royalty from all the transactions in a particular region.

Having a very tech savvy and experienced team led by Yuriy Olentyr with a variety of ever growing partnership in the magnitude of WAVES, SONM, DASH, NEM, ZENCASH, ZCOIN,SUICIDE VENTURES, AXXON, PROFIT SOLUTION, POSTER, HACKEN, ALTERFOLIO, etc., the future is really bright for PAYTOMAT.


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