The lingering problem of getting the right data and the rights of usage is being put to rest as a renowned data depository ( comes with a rare combination of data, artificial intelligence and blockchain with provision of diverse data interest. Here, tends to proffer solution to the data playing field by making available the most comprehensive marketing data solution to all businesses and individuals with robust back end systems that will ensure full confidence in data quality for the end user as well as transactional finality for the data providers. CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE is sure aware of the impact this will have on the data market.

With the high demand for commercial data, creating a whooping industry of over $200 billion by 2020, will become a one stop data access and market. DBCCOIN is the native token implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain to be deplored in this platform to equate the value exchange within datablockchain ecosystem. has a mind-blowing and unique endowment of data assets as these: Job Seeker= 65m, Pet Owners = 105m, Base Consumer File = 345m, Frequent Traveller = 37M, Health and Wellness = 50M, Automotive file = 201m, voters =212m, Mobile/ Telco =207M, Real Estate  = 25M, Online Shoppers =  60m , Hispanic = 35M, African American = 23M , Renters = 57M, High Net Worth = 43M, Home owners =83M, SOHO = 31M, Veteran = 17M, Business opportunity =34M , Environmental Consciousness = 61m , Veterans = 17M , IP Address = 757m, Socials =373m, Business Opportunity=18m, Investors= 19.5m, Gamblers =36M , High Net worth =43M , Risk Mitigation =82M , Renters =57M, voters = 212M, Donors = 40M, Real Estate= 25M,etc. one can easy leverage on this platform without stress and hitches. More, the list is still growing and currently totaling about 3 billion data records with 7 patents to go with. Indeed provision service for the commercial data demand by the data market is timely and precise.

It was not surprising that in the heart of the bearish trend, was able to hit her soft cap within 2 days of ICO commencement. It is one of such blockchain projects with numerous use cases, a formidable team led by Scott Hirsch a prolific entrepreneur and a digital data marketing expert, and the ongoing inexpensive ICO token of $0.12 token apiece, makes it a sure deal. It is certain that the project will fly very high soon. Already, this project has attracted partnership to the tune of MEDIADIRECT, DATAGRAPHIX, VIRTUAL DBS, OMNIPOINT, APPSBAR at the same time having these industrial brands as customers; EQUIFAX, TRANSUNION, D&B, COMCAST, NEUSTAR and IHEART RADIO.

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