Without doubt, the blockchain technology has been utmost beneficial of which free market autonomy through creating of utility for empowerment stood out. This utility created is mainly transformed to value through the Cryptocurrency used in each platform for value exchange. However before long, the various abuses as seen in failed ICOs occasioned by scams, crypto projects with little or no use case, crypto projects without clear cut vision & mission, etc. begin to erode the confidence reposed on ICO as a means of funding crypto projects. Consequently, not many ICO today could pass without delay in project fund raise, barely meeting the soft cap or surpassing it. Hitting the hard cap is continually becoming almost a mirage except for the very few that still surmounts it. This is the sorry state the crypto project funding is gradually sliding into. We at CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE knows the negative impact and many more damages this will do to the crypto space

Of course, many feasible approaches initiated to curb this trend either lacked the effective capacity or the needed efficiency to arrest the situation. The likes of Daox project and several crowd sales platforms that were created for the same reason and are yet to bring the deserved sanity that the crypto space once enjoyed. Then comes Hostingicos.

Hostingicos is a redemption attempt is in the neighborhood of Daox but with different approach to proffer solution to a scam ridden and ICO failing crypto space with the aim to protect investors’ funds and interests. Primarily by embarking on the ico lisitng services and exchange listing seem to be a way out owning to the following limitations and possible hindrances crypto start-ups are susceptible to during their early stages.

Here, by virtue of hostingicos listing/ICO rating platform, crypto projects will be subjected to thorough scrutiny to ascertain the intent, capability and feasibility prior to listing. It will be mandatory to ensure that all crypto star-ups pass this test before they are enlisted on Hostingicos. Hence, Hostingicos ico listing services becomes also a green light to investors to know the ICOs that is secure besides being a form of assistance to bringing start-ups to the corridors of crypto investors at a reasonable price.

The exchange listing of the crypto start-ups follows immediately after their ICO on Hostingicos exchange with a reduced tariff; sparing the crypto start-ups projects the hassles such exercises normally demands. It is on record that many genuine problem solving crypto projects were unable to sail through due to unnecessary rigors required to get them to the exchange. Hostingicos intending exchange will deal with these bottle necks by making exchange listing affordable.

Besides the ICO sanitizing process that Hostingicos brings on board, she will also be adding some utility value by means of providing marketing services, global shopping wallet and Payment gateway. Currently, the hostingicos has close to 200k community strength with a formidable team led by Young amiable tactician; Harsh Agarwal. The private sales which kick off the ICO sales stages will commence shortly at these designation at the price of $0.20 and $0.50 for the public sales respectively:


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Name: Hostingicos

Symbol: HTS

Decimal: 18

Contract address: 0x20871ef4fc0b8c5ee4fb03f698c4f4f752dda6e5

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 HTS Tokens






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