MEDIEX is a blockchain-based system for the global medical device industry with the aim to reduce the cost of modern healthcare services for the general population by directly transacting with patients and end consumers. The Mediex team has been working in the healthcare technology for a substantial amount of time, successfully creating high-end devices and instruments used in state-of-art hospitals and clinics. The healthcare blockchain frontier of MEDIEX is an extension of her traditional service for wider outreach, optimum value and result. MDX Token which is built on ethereum blockchain will be used as the native token on MEDIEX ecosystem. Indeed, the CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE crew is glad to preview the MEDIEX project.

Despite the down trend and poor market psychology currently in the crypto space, the uniqueness of this project and its juicy potentials no doubt endeared investors to the point of exceeding the hard cap of this project. Kudos to the well spelt out token distribution and allocation of funds that takes to mind the interest of investors. Also in no small way, the moderate total supply of 500 million MDX tokens and the retail investment of $10 minimum MDX token purchase remains one of the factors that facilitated the sales.

Mediex foot prints continues to expand by means of partnership in the magnitude of healthcare giants as: LIPOGEM, MANIFEST MEDEX, MEDEX PROTECT, IMEDEX, DEPUS SYNTHES, NORTHFIELD, CIVCO, HCE and MEDTECH INNOVATOR. The doors are still open for relevant partnership.

Currently MDX Token is in a trading competition on deltarelay exchage ( where there will be a whopping 20% airdop to deltarelay users.  DeltaRelay will take a snapshot of all addresses that have performed MDX trades on DeltaRelay before 12:00 September 17, 2018 (GMT + 08:00). For these addresses which hold more than 1000 MDX, they will receive 20 MDX for every 100 MDX in their addresses. However, the airdropped maximum token that each address can get is 2000 MDX. Also, MDX Token will be officially traded on mercatox exchange by 26th September 2018 as we envisaged to get listed on more exchanges shortly.

We are happy to note that MEDIEX project has so far followed and met the time line of its road map as we use this platform to extend our hands of fellowship to investors, traders and market makers to utilize this uncommon opportunity MEDIEX project provides.


Name: Mediex

Symbol: MDX

Standard: ERC20

Platform: Ethereum

Total Supply: 500 million

Decimal: 10

Contract address: 0xE4FFEe3b33360e21Ea2aec37a39901CB720Eb84c








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