Just Some months ago when KWHCoin was at the ICO stage joining the league of Crypto currency making their debut on the energy blockchain like Power Ledger, E-charge, Electron, Grid, and Wepower, etc. , little did we know that it will gather so such momentum in just a short time. Having had a successful ICO and listed in Coinex market, Topbtc and, many analysts in the Crypto space did not really expect the project to sail for a long time, let alone the leadership role it is taking on the energy blockchain. Though we at CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE kept our radar on KWHCoin project. It is important to mention that KWHCoin is the native token for a decentralized application where producers, consumers, and other distributed energy resources can connect and configure their energy resources. Of late, the slogan “Bringing renewable energy to the world through blockchain” is becoming synonymous to the activities of KWHCoin project.

Also, Worthy to note is the management pattern and leadership style initiated by the amiable CEO of KWHCoin, Girard Newkirk who took the renewable energy market to the grass roots cutting across global regions and reaching out to the poor energy access populace. The KWHCoin and Kenya Nurse In Hand partnership to reduce death rate in road accidents and becoming the largest energy renewable blockchain partner in Puerto Rico is a remarkable case study. These obviously opened the frontiers of partnership for the likes of Bancour, Athena Global Energy Solutions (AGES), ADP Holdings (ADP), Teleficient, Heat Source Energy (HSE), Chariot  and the blockbuster; Enercor Inc, with over $5 Billion in various energy assets, has agreed to assign a specific number of leases in an undeveloped oil formation. These leases, with a third-party present value appraisal of $1.3 Billion, will become de-facto assets of KWHCoin and assigned to its blockchain community, in exchange for a pre-determined amount of KWHCoin’s to Enercor Inc, for integration into the ecosystem. This $1.3 billion dollar assignment and earlier energy based partnership brings real value to the KWHCoin blockchain project and ecosystem.

Indeed, the mission to improve the lives of the over 1.2 billion people across the globe without reliable energy access has paid off tremendously. Besides the economic inclination of KWHCoin project, it is evident that KWHCoin has provided a social, empowerment and humanitarian facet. Originally, the KWHCoin project was built with the vision of each coin being equivalent to 1 kilo watt of energy and this vision stands to be surpassed considering the feats recorded so far. Gradually the effect of the early recruits and the value adding potentials exhibited by KWHCoin project kept endearing KWHCoin to more partners as it continues to spread its foot prints across the globe. The current price of KWHCoin which is far less than the ICO price, the meager total supply of 116 million token after ICO token burns and with yet a less 46 million tokens in circulation makes KWHCoin a gold mine. Not to mention the achievements reached by the KWHCoin project and its supposed true value in the global energy market. Indeed, this is a sure deal for market makers and it remains the energy blockchain project to watch.

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