This is a crypto analysis based service project whose benefit is community centred. Here willing community members are actively engaged and rewarded commensurately. Also With an overwhelming airdrop on two occasions which is next to none except few in the league of polymath, thugcoin, hydro, decred, eBTC and ontology, NO BS CRYPO has really attracted the attention of the crypto world and CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE inclusive.

No BS CRYPTO aims to be a trustless, transparent and crowdsourced rating and review service for any crypto-related project, without possibility of pay-to-play manipulation or conflicts of interest. It will be a sort of a better business bureau for ANY crypto-related project where community members will be paid to anonymously rate and review projects from as large as ICOs to as small as a local crypto meetup group. Of course, Checks and balances will be in place to prevent collusion and manipulation. Community members will use $NOBS to bid on projects and will collectively be paid 80% of the fee that No BS Crypto charges to such projects. The entire mission of No BS CRYPTO, its community and the NOBS utility token will be to rid the world of the garbage and scams that are so prevalent.

Again, crypto resources and handy research materials (Altcoin Algorithmn sheet, ICO ranking spreadsheet, Personal Dynamic portfolio, compounding Interest calculator and more) for successful participation on the top rated ICO’s will be made available from time to time. Where this may not be a 100% crypto advisory program, one is expected to peruse the details of the materials or spreadsheet before investing on recommended coins. The risk of not using this strategy correctly could result in a loss of money. The methodology behind this spreadsheet is a proprietary trade secret. You are hereby invited to see for yourself if these metrics are accurate at predicting coins that ultimately go up in value against Bitcoin. Again, be reminded that you will be investing in these coins at your own risk and NO BS CRYPTO group is not a pump and dump group.

Having already the support of over 71k community members patronage, a formidable team led by Chris Koerner backed by John McAfee as the advisor, NO BS CRYPTO is good to go and will definitely moon in no distant time as we expect listing shortly. Some other relevant technical data of NO BS CRYPTO are as follows:

Decimal: 18
Contract Address: 0xf4faea455575354d2699bc209b0a65ca99f69982

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