xDAC is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) application that is built on EOS blockchain (The EOS blockchain is the most advanced and fee less decentralized platform for smart contracts). xDAC is a blockchain application created and administered on a decentralized digital ledger by either individual, several human, agent stakeholders or the combination of those mentioned earlier who come together with their organized skill and intention to achieve a collective set goal. The architectural design of DAO which is replicated in xDAC gives it the flexibility to interact and partner with business outside its frame work, decentralized network inclusive. This is one of those few disruptive start-ups and CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE knows one when they come by. The characteristics that makes xDAC outstanding and prominent over traditional organization lies on its ability to solve the problems and challenges posed by governance, finance and work force. They are listed thus:

1. Fast, reliable and automated dispute resolution
2. Insurance of liability by creating a liability fund
3. It has a high level of transparency
4. Easy Fundraising
5. It makes for easy raise of fund
6. control over team and finance
7. Non governmental influences
8. uniformity of administration all through the platform

Although xDAC is targeted for solution provision for the profit oriented organizations, xDAC can still be customized for non profit organization. The xDAC business organization organization platform is propelled by the xDAC token. This token which will be initially issued, ERC- 233 compatible and distributed on Ethereum blockchain during the ICO stage will later be migrated to another protocol on the EOS blockchain.

With a staggering community strength of well over 55k in number, the level of acceptance is overwhelming coupled with a formidable team led by OSKAR DURIS. The XDAC project has attracted various green flag ratings from the crypto industry rating experts, just to mention but a few: ICO BENCH, TRACK ICO, ICO HOLDER, ICO ALERT, iREVIEWS, BITCOINER TODAY, CRYTOVEST, BITCOIN EXCHANGE GUIDE, ICO RANKER, ICO BAZAAR, FOUND ICO, ICO BUFFER, CRYPTOSLATE, COINJINJA, TRUST PILOT, and CRYPTOVERZE.

Further details about the xDAC project could be seen thus:

Website: https://www.xdac.co/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xdacco
Telegram: https://t.me/xdacgroup
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/xdacco

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