The blockchain phenomenon continues to take challenges by storm and spreading its tentacles like the tsunami across the globe. as it wrestles the needs of the time to stand still. Yet, another remarkable feat via the blockchain is the possibilities of making medical services available in remote areas or where there is scare resources of medical personnel. Before now, either the ailing patients are at the mercies of their fates in situation where medical services cannot be reached, or they are scarcely rushed to the nearest health facility for attention. With DOCAMEDICS, this is no longer the case. For the singular reason of the medical benefit of this project to the masses, CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE cannot avoid to ignore this project.

Docademics platform is a global sourced free Human Doctor-AI video telemedicine service (DOCADEMICS APP) that is already deployed and in use in over 20 different countries. Coupled with a suite of AI assisted tools and social network for the medical community (DOCADEMICS FOR DOCTORS). This combination provides the highest form of free quality health care available via technology. Docademics is the meeting point of medicine and blockchain technology with the singular aim to achieve the long sought for universal basic healthcare service and delivery. This will put healthcare power in the hands of all and democratization of healthcare has just begun. The existing database since 2016 will be deployed for this project.

With the integration of blockchain which brings the deserved security and the universal reach-out, the client based services provided by this platform can be better harnessed. This client based services ranges from real-time geographic epidemiological data reporting, Automated AI-Driven treatment and diagnosis suggestions for Doctors in institutions or private practice, massive access to patient populations for preventative campaigns, and DOCADEMIC ́s advanced proprietary tools such as its AI-assisted Electronic Health Record and Digital Vademecum, Ongoing Medical education and Patient referrals data for our clients and researchers. The docademics platform will be effectively powered by Medical Token Currency (MTC), a cryptocurrency that is built on Ethereum blockchain as the payment tool for settlement of services rendered universally. With the support of healthcare operators, institution, investor and partners the MTC could be use in a broader medical service delivery cases. Docademic has a vital role to play in crypto health economy where its USE CASE is high and needed.

Docademic is led by a team of experts in the person of Charles Nader and supported by a panel of advisors which John Mcafee is a member. Currently,  MTC is traded on IDEX, SISTEMKOIN, STOCKsEXCHANGE and HITBTC with one billion MTC in circulation. The presale and ICO far surpassed the needed amount for the startup and the potentials embedded in this project has attracted partnership with FOLEY & LARDNER LLP, START UP SCHOOL, VCG PARTNERS and FOX BUSINESS. It is an opportunity worth getting involved in.

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