Birdchain is a decentralized application (DAPP) for instant messaging on Android for users. Here, telecom users are giving the opportunity to earn extra income by selling their unused SMS messages, watching promotional videos, and monetizing their personal data using the digital currency of the the birdchain known as BIRD. Users now have to decide the level of personal data they want to sell and how they want it sold directly using the bird digital currency  as a legal tender. What a relief from the clutches of mega companies as Google and Facebook that smartly use users data for commercial purposes. For us at CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE, data problems associated with users privacy is coming to end. With this, birdchain is able to provide millions of users with limitless streams of income. Bird is a cryptocurrency token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Backed up by a team of telecommunication savvy and techy members, the competency of Birdchain team is unquestionable. The birdchain team is constituted from a well experienced personels of the vertex brands (VertexSMS to be precise) who are believed to have already existing working relationships before now. Most importantly they will adopt their wealth of knowledge base in the user communication field to the birdchain project. The team conmprises of the followings: Ernestas Petkevicius, Audrius Vrubliauskas, Aurimas Sabaitis, Marius Petrauskas, Joao Martins, Arminas Keraitis, Tomas Vitkauskas, Simas Radkevicius, Kristina Mataciunaite, Martynas Rackauskas, Aiste Surutkoviciute, and Zygimantas Vanagas. This is supported by a qualified panel of advisors.

The birdchain brand is user friendly and centered. It is bound to leverage on the success of its parent company (vertex brands) earlier brands and network that has been implemented and still in working progress. This will ensure the effective end users marketing and advertisement to the already existing customers. This user oriented service provided by birdchain is majorly aroused and will be maintained by the interest of low initial cost, token flexibility, unique cryptocurrency, favorable viability, high desirability, higher $bird circulation, favorable competition, and detailed financial forcast.

It is evident that the main goal of Birdchain is to disrupt the A2P SMS market with blockchain technology by making it better, faster, more transparent, and fair-priced. This is no small way has attracted the Birdchain project a resounding and effective partnership with CAR VERTICALS, LUNGO, BITREWARDS, PURPLE MINDS, OKROUTE, ORCA, VERIFY UNION, A2B TAXI TOKEN, etc. It is believed that soon it will become obvious that Birdchain is much more than just a revolutionary idea. HURRY NOW AND BUY SOME !!! before it is too late.

Birdchain has a total supply of 580,263,158 bird tokens with a total of 441,000,000 bird up for sale in the ongoing ICO. The bird token is expected to hit the exchange 4 weeks after the ICO. The mindset to rather list in a well known exchange than prolification in various unpopular ones is a wisdom in disguise that will pay off in no distant time.

The acceptance of Birdchain solution and brand is alarming owning to the global presentation and accommodation that cuts across multilingual platforms like English, Dutch, Greek, Indonesian, Filipino, Russian, Italian, Pourtugese, German, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Czech, etc. The staggering English community population that is 10k plus can attest to this fact. other languages have their various communities on telegram.

Other technical data analysis of the birdchain project are as follows:

CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x026e62dded1a6ad07d93d39f96b9eabd59665e0d

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