ZPER is a token that is built on Ethereum blockchain. Its smart contract targets a rare combination of robo-advisors and peer to peer lending companies that provide the enabling environment for participants to interact, contribute and participate on the lending and borrowing exercise globally. This cross border transaction is being managed by the robo-advisor. One of the reasons why CRYPTO AIRDROP WAREHOUSE featured the ZPER project is to show the confidence they have in such project.

The ZPER ecosystem brought about several alliances and partnerships that involve: SODIT, FUNDED, PROFIT. POP FUNDING, WEFUNDING, LOANPOINT, ZOOM FUNDING, HELLO FUNDING, FINSTREET, etc. All these are indeed market movers and house hold names in the financial industry and on a global scale. The birth of the P2P financial industry depends largely on the success of ZPER .

With a team of young, exposed and talented hands as board members of the ZPER team, and adequately balanced by a squad of experienced advisors they are poised to give their best shot to take ZPER to the next level. Their test for  professionalism is one with a high level of strictness to keep and maintain the decorum such projects as sensitive as ZPER demands. It is also note worthy that a fair share of the entire token  being  allocated to airdops and bounty programs scattered all over the various organised social media is an indication of their decision to create a viable ZPER community; knowing the wonderful roles it plays in the advertising and marketing of a  crypto start-up in the crypto world; this is born out of enthusiasm that is influenced by early adoption of a crypto token.

Technical Data Analysis: ZPER has the following technical data analysis as follows –

website: https://zper.io/
symbol: ZPER
Telegram channel: https://t.me/zper_kr_official
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZPER__team
Medium: https://medium.com/@zper

The airdrops has commenced and the ICO and other activities will be coming up shortly. ZPER no doubt will not only found its foot, but will take its enviable place in the crypto world in no distant time. The moon will not be enough for ZPER.





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